New Product: Learner Driver Insurance

People who practice driving outside of their driving lessons are more likely to pass their driving test quicker. This is because learners have built up more confidence and are more aware of their surroundings, purely through all those additional hours of driving.

Cover that temporarily adds a Learner to someone else’s car whilst removes a lot of the old barriers in relation to parent’s being concerned about any negative effect on their own insurance, for example: losing their No Claims Discount.

With this new type of policy, it is a totally separate ‘top up’ policy and therefore removes those issues. More and more people are recognising that the more often you practice, the more likely you are to pass your test.

What Is Covered

• Accidental or malicious damage cover to the vehicle.
• Fire or theft damage to the vehicle.
• Legal Liability for death or injury to any third party including passengers.
• Legal liability for damage caused to other people’s property up to £20,000,000
• Emergency cover – Allowing an accompanying full licence holder to drive, if you get into difficulties.
• Emergency cover only applies whilst the named provisional licence holder remains as a passenger.

What is not Insured?

• Personal Accident Benefits
• Personal Effects
• Windscreen / Glass Cover
• Audio / stereo and navigation equipment (unless a standard accessory to the vehicle)
• Accidental Damage, fire or theft to the vehicle when driving outside of the United Kingdom.

If you would like some further information, please call Helen or Steph on (01924) 499812 or email and we will happily assist!