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12 days of Christmas!

Insurance Executive Charlie Sanderson and one of our Adult & Nightclub Insurance Specialists writes below:

For all our business insurance clients, here are my insurance tips for the 12 Days of Christmas Risks!


Day 1  – Decking the halls!

When decorating your business for the festive season, make sure your employees have the appropriate equipment to reach high places when hanging the tinsel to avoid any Employers Liability claims.

Day 2 – Seasonal stock increase

Your insurance policy may well offer you an increase in your stock cover at certain times of the year, if Christmas is the time you hold more stock than usual, make sure you speak to your insurer to make sure you are covered correctly.

Day 3 – Avoid the Nightmare Before Christmas

Make sure you know what days the banks are open over the festive period so your money on premises doesn’t go over the agreed limits on your policy.

Day 4 – Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Winter brings cold and wet weather, avoid Public liability claims for slips inside your premises. Consider investing in an anti-slip door mat and mop public areas regularly (and keep a cleaning record) to reduce the risk of injuries to your customers.

Day 5 – Christmas stocking

As you pop to the wholesaler to stock up for the busy Christmas season, keep in mind the level of goods in transit cover you have on your policy.

Day 6 – Jingle Bells

As throughout the year, make sure your business is secure when your business is closed. Lock up properly, close the shutter and set the alarm.

Day 7 – Baby it’s cold outside

As temperatures drop, before you consider using any portable heaters in your premises, check your policy to see if there are any restrictions on the type of heater you can use.

Day 8- Winter Wonderland

Don’t forget about the area outside of your premises as you may well be responsible for any slips/trips. Keep it free from any tripping hazards.

Day 9 – Christmas movie

Make sure your Christmas decorations do not block your CCTV cameras and affect the images they record as these images can be vital in the event of a claim.

Day 10 – Don’t make it a blue Christmas

Don’t forget to leave that till drawer open to make sure any unwelcome visitors know you’ve banked your Christmas takings.

Day 11 – Before you board The Polar Express

If you are closing for a couple of days over Christmas, reduce the Christmas fire risk by ensuring those Christmas lights are not left on!

Day 12 – Most importantly of all…

Have a fantastic and claim free Christmas and New Year from all of us at Adultsure!

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